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Brian Harman and Stephanie Taglianetti

Episode Summary –

Stephanie M Taglianetti, MFA, is an Italian-American writer from Long Island, NY. She has studied creative writing at the distinguished California Institute of the Arts, earning her Master’s degree. Her specialized work in storytelling has pointed her career towards professional screenwriting, copywriting, and education. Outside of her career, she focuses on painting, singing, and guitar.

Brian M Harman, MBA, is an American businessman that has been working in corporate leadership and supply chain management since 2004. He has studied global finance and management science at the University of Oxford and Pepperdine University, earning his MBA degree and currently finishing his Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Change. His specialized work in strategic sourcing, negotiation, and leadership has driven his career in biotechnology. Outside of his corporate career, he is a Professor at San Francisco's Golden Gate University and Universidad ESAN's Graduate School of Business in Lima, Peru. His research focus is leadership psychology and humor.