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Rich Keller – Brand CATALYST

Episode Summary –

Can you describe your personal brand in ’One Word‘? Rich Keller brings a unique approach to personal branding. As a CATALYST, he understands the challenges associated with trying to discover what makes you stand-out. He has learned that you can conquer life’s obstacles and reach excellence when you uncover your core value, which he defines as who you are…NOT what you do. With 25 years of branding experience at powerhouse companies such as Nabisco, Kraft Foods and Godiva, as well as his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Rich leverages his marketing expertise to lead an interactive discussion about how discovering your core value and labeling it with ‘One Word’ will challenge you to think differently. Rich captivates audiences when he shares his career and personal struggles, including his two battles with cancer.

His journey will inspire you to view your identity through a new lens by answering, with ‘One Word’, the question that truly changed his life: Tell me about yourself? His empowering story of victory will motivate you to craft your personal brand in ‘One Word’ and turn it into your greatest asset so you can Stand-out Conquer Obstacles Reach Excellence and SCORE! Rich resides in Florham Park, New Jersey, with his wife Sharon, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, and his two children, Zachary (a Junior at Cornell University) & Samantha (a Freshman at Vanderbilt University).

Rich created a Workbook for people to discover their ‘One Word'. People can purchase my coaching program at