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Sima Dahl – Sway Factor™

Episode Summary –

Sima Dahl, CSP, AS, and MBA, is an international speaker and branding visionary who will revolutionize the way you think about the business of personal brands. Her experience as an award-winning marketer paved the way for Sway Factor™, her ground-breaking personal branding strategies that empower professionals to stand out, stay relevant, and be in demand. With bold candor, unfiltered honesty, and her signature charismatic style, Sima has traveled from Boston to Budapest to show small business owners, global enterprise teams, trade association members, and individual go-getters how to out-hire, out-sell, and out-perform the competition. Sima is one of 12 percent of speakers worldwide to earn the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers Association and one of 88 speakers worldwide to earn the Accredited Speaker designation, an honor conferred by Toastmasters International. Only three women in the world hold both.