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Laura Moore –

Episode Summary –

Laura Moore is the Founder of Uppy. She is a Performance Coach specialising in helping driven business and professional women live more. Laura is ridiculously passionate about helping women unlock their full potential so that they can have more time and energy to focus on doing the things they want with the people they want and have a good time in the process.

Throughout her years in the health and wellness industry, she has identified that this is only possible if a solid foundation is built at a personal level, the basis of which is optimum health and wellbeing.

Most people claim to know this, yet the numbers of lifestyle-related disease continue to rise, as people continue to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. Laura recognized this and developed the Uppy philosophy, which flips current thinking on its head and respects the fact that it is the mind driving the body, and diet and exercise are only a small piece of the puzzle.

Laura is sick of seeing women struggle because they have been misinformed or just don’t know there’s another way, so she is on a mission to deliver her philosophy to as many women as possible, because she believes that everyone has a right to know how to live more.