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Delores Vandenboogaard – Norwex

Episode Summary –

Delores VandenBoogaard certainly works from her happy place! Delores is at the top of the career plan with Norwex as a Senior Vice President Sales Leader. She resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her husband Doug and their three teenage daughters. Delores has been transforming lives globally with her dynamic personality and passion for people. As a business coach, trainer and entrepreneur she has been self-employed for 15 years.

Delores believes everyone does the best they can until they know better…so any shift in our habits starts with being informed. Delores educates with a fun and entertaining presentation so everyone can maintain a healthy day-to-day lifestyle while reducing their exposure to chemicals. She also equips, mentors and trains consultants across North America to be self-employed giving them the greatest gifts of freedom and flexibility!!

As a public speaker and highly-awarded leader with Norwex, Delores is always delighted when she is asked to speak to groups and audiences about the effects of chemicals on the environment…because an educated consumer can make great choices!

Delores has been recognized as the top National Norwex Leader in Group Sales for nine of the past ten years. Delores says, “impacting lives, developing potential and blessing others is the greatest gift Norwex has given me”!

You can connect Delores at: or watch her YouTube Channel: CleanNatural