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Stop Analyzing and Start Acting: Taking a Leap of Faith in Entrepreneurship is Vital to Success with Lisa Govro

Episode Summary –

Many aspiring entrepreneurs tend to get stuck in the planning phase of their business and become overwhelmed by analysis paralysis. However, sometimes it's necessary to take a leap of faith and go for it without knowing every single detail. Even the most successful entrepreneurs didn't have everything figured out when they started their first business, so don't let fear hold you back from achieving your goals. Remember that everyone makes mistakes and learns from them along the way. Trust yourself and take the plunge – you've got this!

“Not many people have it all figured out, especially in their first business, we are all working through life making mistakes and learning from them.”

No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, taking action is vital to making progress. Don't be afraid to jump in and start working towards your goals. No one has it all figured out, and you won't be the first or the last to face challenges along the way. Staying humble, listening, and learning from your mistakes and those who have been successful before you is key to achieving success as an entrepreneur. Remember that success is not a destination but a journey – so keep going and never give up.

In this episode, Lisa Govro, the founder of Big Heart Tea Co, takes us on her journey as an entrepreneur. She shares with us how she built her successful tea company and emphasizes the importance of being authentic and true to oneself when building a brand. One of the key takeaways from Lisa's story is the need to stop planning and start taking action. It's time to get out of analysis paralysis!

Let’s jump in!

Key Learnings from the Episode:
[08:18] The big box store trap: Working with small businesses doesn't take away your credibility and value.
[10:26] Lisa's tips for making the best cup of tea if you're just starting out.
[17:43] Lisa's superpowers that have carried her through the ups and downs of business.
[22:14] One of Lisa's greatest challenges in working on her business.
[25:27] What does working from your happy place mean to Lisa?
[26:22] Lisa’s advice to someone starting their entrepreneurial journey.

About Lisa Govro –
In 2012 Lisa Govro founded Big Heart Tea Co., a tea company on a covert mission to help people feel good through healing herbs and tea. Lisa is trained in Ayurveda and combines her food medicine and culinary knowledge to create a growing line of herbal blends that taste good and make you feel good.

In 2017, Lisa began to ask more and more questions about her ingredient suppliers, and she learned of the dark and dusty supply chain of herbs and tea. “We want our customers to drink healing tea that comes from a place of health. Where the land and the farm workers are respected throughout the entire life of the ingredient.”

Lisa believes in a better tea industry, built on transparency, which includes the input of farmers, producers, and tea drinkers. She has dedicated her life to supporting the community and building a value-driven team and a sustainable company that puts the people and the planet first. Lisa has over 10 years experience working in tea, is a champion for small businesses, women entrepreneurs, and is a proud mother.

How to connect with Lisa Govro:
Website – Big Heart Tea Company | Organic, Herbal & Direct-Trade Teas
Instagram – @bighearttea
Facebook – Big Heart Tea Co.

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