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Employee Health and Well-Being with Dr. Richard Safeer

Episode Summary –

Workplace well-being has become a buzzword in recent years, and with good reason. Employees are spending a significant portion of their lives at work, and their physical and mental health is crucial to their overall well-being.

“Stress can be a powerful motivator, but too much of it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and drained.”

In the latest episode of the podcast, Dr. Richard Safeer, the Chief Medical Director of Employee Health and Wellbeing at Johns Hopkins Medicine, shares his insights on building a well-being culture in the workplace.

Dr. Safeer believes that aligning your work with your inner self is crucial for being happy at work. Entrepreneurs and risk-takers should pay attention to their body's feedback and cues. A little stress is necessary, but too much can be detrimental. Regular check-ins can help recognize stress and take steps to lower these levels.

Dr. Safeer shares his journey starting as a family doctor to focusing on reshaping workplace and workday environments to support health and well-being.

He discusses the six building blocks of building a well-being culture on a team, with the first three being peer support, leadership engagement, and norms. The last building block is shared values, which represents how employee health and well-being is accomplished within the organization.

Dr. Safeer emphasizes that having a well-being culture is not the same as having a program. It is important to remember that culture is the perception of shared behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes.

He provides insights and tips for leaders to engage their teams in building a well-being culture. He introduces the concept of progressive muscle relaxation, which can help to reduce stress and promote a positive outlook.

Dr. Safeer also talks about the importance of taking a job that may not be the desired position but can have an impact on a company. Getting in at a lower level gives access to the company culture and an opportunity to make a difference.

In summary, building a well-being culture is a journey that takes time and effort. By engaging with the teams at all levels of the organization, leaders can make a significant difference in creating a positive and healthy working environment.


About Dr. Richard Safeer –
Dr. Richard is currently the chief medical director of employee health and well-being at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

After medical school, he thought he would be practicing as a family doctor for his entire career. However, within the first year, he realized he wasn't in his happy place. He also came to the conclusion that he could make a bigger impact if he could help organizations shape their workplace and workday so that it supported health and well-being instead of harming it. So here he is, four jobs later!

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