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Building Relationships and Personal Branding with Anish Majumdar

Episode Summary –

This episode explores the importance of personal branding in building relationships, not just through in-person interactions but also through Zoom and other virtual platforms. Hosts delve into the process of building a unique brand, focusing on outcomes, and utilizing high-level thinking to achieve success in business partnerships.

“Building a unique process and focusing on outcomes can lead to short and long-term success in business partnerships.”

The conversation with Anish highlights the significance of asking the right questions and identifying pain points as a means of building relationships and vetting opportunities. Anish also shares stories from his childhood experiences that connect to being open and vulnerable to identify pain early on, an important aspect of building professional and personal relationships.

Further, Anish stress the importance of being willing to break down barriers, utilize all skills and strengths, and foster creativity and diligence when pursuing opportunities. This can be achieved through networking and building relationships, which is the key focus of the episode.

In addition to personal branding, the conversation includes insights into the Anish's life journey, which has led him to become a career coach with 13 years of experience. He also discusses about helping people use the hidden job market and why it's important to focus on consistent outreach. However, he also reminds listeners to prioritize self-preservation and not let work consume every moment.

From this episode you will get a better understanding of personal branding, relationship building, and the importance of not overworking at the expense of personal connections. Additionally, you will learn about practical tools and opportunities to help them grow as entrepreneurs and business professionals.


About Anish Majumdar –
Anish is a Career Coach and expert in tapping the hidden job market. He started the business out of his basement with a laptop- today they have served over 2500 people out of “job search hell” forever and taught them how to all be a bit more entrepreneurial in their approach to getting ahead and managing their professional interests.

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TaptheHiddenJob.Market/Asap (free masterclass where you can learn the strategy our clients are using)