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Creating a Successful Startup with Chris Joyce

Episode Summary –

In this episode of the Work From Your Happy Place podcast, Belinda Ellsworth had an insightful conversation with Chris Joyce, the founder of 24 companies in various industries. Chris shared his expertise and experiences, particularly focusing on his latest venture, Gusher Co. Through this platform, Chris aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs bring their startup ideas to life without the need for capital or investors.

“Listening to your conscience is important for happiness and fulfillment.”

Let's dive into some valuable learnings from this episode that can inspire and guide us on our own entrepreneurial journeys.

1. Trust Your Gut:
One of the key takeaways from Chris's discussion was the importance of trusting your instincts. Despite external voices telling you that something can't be done, it's vital to listen to that little voice inside you that says you can do it. When considering an idea, ask yourself if it brings a smile to your face. Your passion and excitement can be powerful indicators of the viability and potential of your startup.

2. Never Give Up:
Persistence is a fundamental quality of successful entrepreneurs. Chris emphasized the significance of never giving up on your goals, regardless of external factors. While iteration and adaptation may be necessary, staying committed to your vision will bring you closer to achieving what you set out to do. Don't be deterred by setbacks or challenges; keep pushing forward.

3. Follow Your Conscience:
Listening to your conscience, or inner voice, is an essential aspect of finding happiness and fulfillment in your work. Anxiety can result from not taking action on your personal dreams and goals. Trust your body and mind; pursue what feels right for you, rather than pursuing something because someone else convinced you to do it. True success comes from aligning your work with your values and passions.

4. Entrepreneurship Is a Roller Coaster:
It's crucial to acknowledge that the entrepreneurial journey is far from easy. Chris painted a vivid picture of entrepreneurship as an extreme roller coaster ride, filled with ups, downs, twists, turns, loops, and unexpected changes. However, amidst this chaos, remember that you are the one in control. No external factors have the power to stop the roller coaster ride; only you can decide how far you want to go.

5. Gusher Co.: Creating Startups Without Capital:
Chris's primary focus lies in Gusher Co., a platform that revolutionizes the way companies come together and get started. Traditional methods often involve hiring individuals primarily interested in a paycheck. In contrast, Gusher Co. utilizes performance-based equity to attract people who believe in the company's mission. This not only eliminates the need for initial capital but also fosters a sense of shared purpose and dedication among team members.

6. Tough Times Foster Success:
While recessions and economic downturns can be challenging, they often lead to the creation of some of the best companies. Weaker competitors may falter, while resilient entrepreneurs focus on the essentials of a successful business: the customer and creating a better product at a better price. Act lean during tough times, and remember that they can serve as a furnace that strengthens and improves strong businesses.

The episode featuring Chris Joyce on the Work From Your Happy Place podcast provided invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. From trusting your gut and never giving up, to listening to your conscience and utilizing innovative platforms like Gusher Co., we can apply these lessons to build successful startups. Remember that entrepreneurship is a roller coaster, but your determination and passion will enable you to navigate the twists and turns and find your own happy place.


About Chris Joyce –
Chris is a founder of 24 companies in high tech, consumer goods, health, and manufacturing. His products have been sold in more than 11,000 stores in 23 countries. He has users of his tech products in 148 countries across the globe.

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