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Seizing Opportunities: How a Small Encounter Can Lead to Major Financial Opportunities with Howie Zales

Episode Summary –

In this episode of the “Work From Your Happy Place” podcast, host Belinda Ellsworth invites Howie Zales, a former Emmy Award-winning camera operator turned entrepreneur, to share his inspiring journey. Howie delves into the importance of tracking and seizing opportunities, understanding one's strengths and limitations, and the power of live streaming events in connecting people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Showing up and giving 200% effort in your field can make all the difference in seizing those unexpected opportunities.”

Let's dive into the key takeaways from this captivating conversation.

Embracing Opportunities:
Howie begins by emphasizing the significance of tracking and tracing one event or encounter. He firmly believes that a single encounter can lead to multiple events and significant financial opportunities. By understanding the impact of each moment and being receptive to potential paths, one can open doors to unforeseen branches of success. Howie's career trajectory is a testament to this philosophy.

Seizing Moments in the Field:
Howie shares his journey from humble beginnings, starting with local sports coverage in New York. It was during a horse race that he caught the attention of a director from NBC, leading to an invitation to work on the XFL football league. This opportunity marked the beginning of a 20-year relationship with NBC Sports and the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Howie's journey also involved traveling with the WWE show, capturing unforgettable moments in the sports entertainment industry.

The Power of Live Streaming:
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, live streaming events have gained significant importance. Howie expresses his enthusiasm for this technology, highlighting the ability to virtually attend events and connect with others. He recounts attending a live-streamed funeral celebration, which allowed him to participate and cherish memories. Howie also discusses the impact of live streaming in connecting professional ball players' grandparents and its incredible potential to bring people together.

Knowing Strengths, Understanding Limitations:
During the conversation, Howie reflects on the importance of recognizing one's strengths and limitations. While he confesses to not being technically savvy, he complements his consulting and speaking skills. Through experience, he has learned to educate himself to a point where he can identify when someone is overselling their abilities. Howie now realizes the significance of possessing basic knowledge to make informed decisions and build a reliable team.

Enhancing Writing with Creativity:
The episode takes an interesting turn when Howie describes a quick writing task he completed. In need of speedy content, he used an inventory sheet and added colorful, engaging descriptions to items. By making a few word tweaks, he transformed the mundane list into an amusing and enjoyable piece. This light-hearted anecdote serves as a reminder of the power of creativity in even the simplest of tasks.

This episode of “Work From Your Happy Place” brings us Howie Zales, who shares invaluable insights from his diverse career journey. From capitalizing on encounters to embracing live streaming technology, Howie's experiences offer inspiration and practical tips for success. 


About Howie Zales –
Howie Zales, a high school student with dreams of playing professional baseball, found himself in need of an elective course. Realizing the importance of having a backup plan, he decided to enroll in a TV production class. Little did he know this decision would change his life forever.

During a field trip to NBC Studios, Howie witnessed the taping of a TV show and immediately developed a passion for TV production. Recognizing the potential to combine his love for sports, particularly baseball, with television, he made a deliberate choice to only apply to colleges with TV production programs.

After graduating college, Howie faced uncertainty about how to break into the TV production industry. However, fueled by his passion, he pursued opportunities that would allow him to showcase his skills and knowledge.

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