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Navigating the Alzheimer's Journey: Finding Joy in the Face of Challenges with Susie Singer Carter

Episode Summary –

In this episode, we have Susie Singer Carter, joining us to share her personal journey with Alzheimer's disease. With her film, “No Country for Old People,” and her ongoing project, Love Conquers Alls, Susie aims to change the narrative surrounding Alzheimer's and provide a platform for meaningful conversations.

“Alzheimer's is not a disease that can be fought, but rather one that requires us to navigate and find moments of joy along the journey.”

In this blog post, we will delve into the key takeaways from this inspiring episode.

Finding Joy in the Journey:
Susie begins by sharing her journey as a caregiver for her mother, who battled Alzheimer's for 16 years. She emphasizes the importance of shifting our perspective from “fighting” the disease to navigating and finding joy in the journey. Susie reminds us to focus on what our loved ones with Alzheimer's can still do, rather than dwelling on their limitations.

Learning from Mistakes:
Susie candidly admits that she underestimated the challenges of caring for someone with Alzheimer's and made mistakes along the way. However, these experiences allowed her to learn and grow as a caregiver. Her film showcases a raw and honest portrayal of daily life with Alzheimer's, capturing both the positive and negative aspects.

The Intricacies of Social Media:
Social media has become an integral part of Susie's life, providing a platform to connect with both the caregiving and filmmaking communities. She acknowledges its potential for both good and intrusiveness. Despite not initially investing much effort into social media, Susie's following grew organically, highlighting the power of meritorious engagement.

Questioning Followers and Authenticity:
Susie raises concerns about the authenticity of some influencers' high follower numbers on social media. She worries that this may overshadow the genuine efforts of those striving to make a real difference. Her primary goal isn't to amass a large fan base solely for selling products but to reach people with her projects and have a meaningful impact.

The Spider Web Metaphor:
Susie introduces a metaphor about a spider's web, inspiring us to pursue our passions wholeheartedly. Just as a spider weaves its web every day, we should engage in our chosen activities, be it writing, dancing, or songwriting, and do them exceptionally well. By letting our work be carried by the winds of opportunity, we can trust that it will reach where it's meant to go.

The Power of Authentic Storytelling:
Susie shares her deep belief in the power of authentic storytelling. She reflects on the rewards she found in sharing her unique story, realizing the impact it had on others. Despite initially doubting the significance of her journey, Susie discovered that authentic storytelling transcends language barriers and connects people on a profound and human level.

Importance of Recognizing Worth:
As an artist, Susie shares her personal experience with seeking validation from others and the insecurity that often accompanies it. She emphasizes the significance of recognizing one's own worth and talent, without relying solely on external validation. She also highlights the importance of artists being compensated for their work, bringing attention to ongoing issues like the writers' strike.

Engaging with Audiences on Social Media:
Susie explores the allure of behind-the-scenes content and providing glimpses into the creative process. She believes that involving people in the creation of something, such as an app, is intriguing and attractive. By personalizing content and giving value to audiences, we can offer more than just constant requests for engagement or sales.

In this episode of “Work From Your Happy Place,” we delved into the inspiring journey of Susie Singer Carter, who found joy in navigating Alzheimer's with love and authenticity. Her film, “No Country for Old People,” challenges societal perceptions of Alzheimer's and aims to create a platform for meaningful conversations.

Remember, finding fulfillment in your work and life is not limited to entrepreneurship. Pursue what you enjoy and have a passion for, regardless of the path you choose. And always remember, money does not define who you are; it's the impact you make and the joy you find that truly matters.

About Susie Singer Carter –

Susie Singer Carter is a multi-award-winning filmmaker, writer, director, producer, actor, podcast producer, host, and Caregiver Advocate. She is best known for writing, directing, and producing the 2018 Oscar Qualified short film, My Mom and The Girl starring Valerie Harper in her final performance, writing and producing “Bratz the Movie” for Lionsgate, and co-producing “Soul Surfer” for Sony. Susie recently wrote the screenplay, “RUN”, based on the book “Plain Jane” and is attached to direct. Attachments: Leighton Meester. Ms. Singer Carter also produces and hosts the podcast Love Conquers Alz – awarded BEST PODCAST 2020 by New Media Film Festival and is #4 on Feedspots’ 2022 25 Best Alzheimer’s Podcasts list. Susie is also the co-creator, co-writer, co-star, and director of the outrageous horror/comedy narrative podcast I Love Lucifer which was just nominated Best Audio Fiction 2023 by Indie Series Awards. She is currently producing a documentary, No Country For Old People, which centers on the Nursing Home Neglect and the systemic healthcare crisis responsible for it. Susie is a sought-after speaker and has appeared in several Alzheimer’s awareness campaigns for Alzheimer’s Los Angeles. She proudly emceed the 2022 San Fernando Valley Alzheimer's Walk holding up a purple flower for her mother who passed away in July and hosts the WGA’s 3rd & Fairfax Podcast.

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