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From Fear to Fearlessness: Conquering Judgement and Finding Success in Virtual Education with Tamara Schroer

Episode Summary –
In this episode of the “Work From Your Happy Place” podcast, host Belinda Ellsworth welcomes Tamara Schroer, the Vice President of Education and Development at Working Solutions and discussed valuable insights on overcoming challenges, embracing new opportunities, and building confidence.

“Fear of judgment from others can be a significant obstacle, but remember that confidence comes from prioritizing our own thoughts and opinions over the opinions of others.”

In this blog post, we will delve into the key learnings from the episode and explore how we can apply them to our own lives and careers.

1. Solution-Oriented Approach:
Tamara emphasized the importance of being solution-oriented when faced with roadblocks. Instead of dwelling on the problem, she encourages us to actively seek solutions. By persistently moving forward and finding creative ways around obstacles, we can open up new paths and levels of success.

“Success may look different than you initially expected, but by constantly seeking solutions, you can achieve remarkable things,” Tamara reminds us.

2. Overcoming the Fear of Failure:
Fear of failure can be a significant obstacle for many people, preventing them from taking risks and pursuing their goals. Tamara suggests that often, it is the fear of what other people think that holds us back from moving forward.

“You have to have the fearlessness and the ability to prioritize your own thoughts and opinions over that of others,” Tamara asserts.

By acknowledging our fear and focusing on our own beliefs, we can find the courage to push past self-doubt and pursue our passions and dreams.

3. Taking Action and Embracing Mistakes:
Confidence comes from taking action. The podcast episode stressed the importance of moving forward and not getting paralyzed by worries of failure or other obstacles. It is through action and experience that we grow and learn.

Mistakes and failures are not to be feared, but rather seen as opportunities for growth. Tamara emphasizes the need to find a way around them and maintain a solution-oriented mindset. Confidence is lost when we stop taking action and dwell on our failures. By reframing mistakes as opportunities for improvement, we can build resilience and continuously forge ahead.

4. Seek Advice and Collaboration:
Tamara highlights the importance of seeking advice and support from others. Having an amazing team and acknowledging that we can't do everything ourselves is vital. Collaboration, brainstorming, and problem-solving with others can be both fun and motivating.

By surrounding ourselves with talented individuals who share our goals, we can leverage each other's strengths, find innovative solutions, and create a supportive environment for success.

The insights shared in this episode of “Work From Your Happy Place” serve as powerful reminders of the importance of being solution-oriented, overcoming the fear of failure, embracing mistakes, and seeking support from others. As we navigate through our own journeys, let us remember that confidence is built through action, and success often lies in our ability to adapt, learn, and persevere. Let's apply these learnings to our lives and work towards our own versions of a “happy place.”


About Tamara Schroer –
Tamara Schroer, vice president of Education and Development at Working Solutions, isn’t your typical corporate executive. She’s something better: a born educator. Armed with a degree in education and a passion for making a difference, she began her career helping the nonprofit Boys Town develop a nationwide, secondary reading program for at-risk youth. Tamara eventually traveled to Texas with her sights set on becoming a principal, but soon discovered a new sphere where she could enrich the lives of others: customer service. Today, Tamara is putting her formal training and innate talents to work, helping Working Solutions develop one of the world’s most powerful and effective approaches to virtual corporate education. With a network of 150,000+ registered agents across the United States and Canada, she’s teaching thousands of independent contractors how to serve clients and their customers every single day.

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