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Success Strategies From Career Actor, Singer, and Musician Lily Talevski

Episode 513 Work from your happy place
Episode Summary –

Success as an actor, singer, or musician is often attributed to luck, but there are many ways to increase your odds of success. From developing a clear vision for your future career to learning how to work like an artist, these strategies can help you become the best performer you can be. Some of the most important steps toward success are networking with other artists, perseverance, tenacity, and having an agent.

There is also so much rejection and discouragement from this field, and you just have to laugh it off and focus on the fun. Otherwise, you will fall into depression. It is possible to be prepared with the right education and experience from college and then fail to be chosen for auditions. That’s why you must develop tools for accepting rejection and moving forward even through disappointment.

In this episode, Lily Talevski shares her journey in her artistic career and how she has persevered to be featured as Rose Pierce in The Watcher Series on Netflix. One of her golden takeaways is that you can work as much as you want and keep pursuing as much as you want, but in the end, it often comes down to opportunities and luck. There is less you can do about that. Instead, keep yourself open to opportunities because no one formula solves it all in the entertainment industry.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[02:07] Lily’s backstory and what she is currently up to.
[05:50] One of Lily's most memorable performances.
[08:53] Lily’s superpowers that have enabled her to make a living in acting.
[11:35] How getting an agent right after college was a plus to Lily's career.
[16:32] Ways Lily creates visibility and engagement with her fans.
[20:34] How has Lily navigated the artistic & business side of her career?
[22:40] Is it still hard for women to enter this career space?
[25:33] Things she has done after school for her education.
[29:11] Advice for people starting their career in the arts.
[34:38] What does working from your happy place mean to Lily?

About Lily Talevski: –
Lily Talevski is an actor and musician living in NYC, originally from metro Detroit, and of Macedonian descent. She is a Michigan girl, a “Macedonian firecracker” who loves all mediums of performing- on screen, on stage, or in front of the mic in a crowded pub. Whether the crowd is laughing or shedding a tear- all she knows is that she is a storyteller, and they're all just there to have a good time and share some humanity.

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