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The Time-Tested Principles for Improving Business Sales with Simon Severino

Episode 513 Work from your happy place

Episode Summary –

No matter the market conditions, you can always find ways to grow your business.

Two important pillars that never change in business are time and money. You are either in business to help people save time or to help them make more money. Make sure you focus on these two pillars when creating your website or offer.

Getting your sales game on point is key for success. Learn the time-tested principles for improving sales in your business and get ahead of your competition.

Grow your business with Simon Severino. Learn the principles he uses to drive sales and create success in his own business.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[02:30] What does Simon do to help businesses drive more sales?
[03:13] How Simon discovered this sweet spot.
[03:45] The two principles of business success.
[05:27] Simon’s superpowers that have helped him in his coaching career.
[05:56] One of Simon’s greatest accomplishments in life.
[09:22] Simon's greatest challenges and how he overcame them.
[10:07] What does working from your happy place mean to Simon?
[11:51] Advice for people aspiring to leave a corporate job to start a business.
[12:47] Be self-employed for the rest of your life.

About Simon Severino: –
Simon Severino helps business owners in SaaS and Services run their companies more effectively, which results in sales that soar.

Trusted by Google, Roche, Consilience Ventures, Amgen, AbbVie. He created the Strategy Sprints™ Method that doubles revenue in 90 days by getting owners out of the weeds.

TEDx speaker, Contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, and SVBS Silicon Valley Blockchain Society member.

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