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Diversifying Your Career To Excel with Gregory Jbara

Episode Summary –

Diversifying your career means investing in yourself by developing a range of skills that are related to your field. This way, you'll uncover your interests, understand the type of work you truly enjoy, prepare for a bigger future, and excel as an artist.

Taking on different roles in different platforms and mediums will help broaden your skill set and advance your career. It will also allow you to proactively get your face out there

The easiest way to succeed as a beginner in any field is by being proactive. Taking every opportunity that comes your way to grow your skills and make a name for yourself will prepare you for the right opportunities when they come around. Don't shy away from humble beginnings. Remember, every job is an opportunity for excellence. That is where every successful artist begins. Step out, show up, and grab the opportunities in your path.

Every gig you get, every job you get, should be protected and cherished. You never know what will happen. There might be somebody you’ll meet who will end up being part of your throughline. Let your work ethic help you nurture relationships, build your network, and position yourself for success.

Believe in yourself. Believe that you are worth it. Your worth is not dependent on how much money you make. It is about what you give to the world, how positively impactful your work is to others, and how worthy of respect you are.

In this episode, Gregory Jbara, a professional performer, shares wisdom on how to diversify right from the beginning of your career. He also shares his own journey to provide you with strategies to help you make the most of your career and get to the next level of growth.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[03:51] Gregory shares what is new in his career and what he is up to in his new season and chapter in life.
[06:12] Diversifying your career and how Gregory did it right from the beginning by taking multiple roles in different platforms and mediums after college.
[09:43] Gregory's very first commercial gig while still in college and his first job after graduating that still have a ripple effect to this day.
[14:11] Gregory's experience, how he made his leaps, and his advice on what you can do to make the most of your college experience.
[29:49] Gregory’s pursuit of more education to better his best and move to great heights.
[33:13] The importance of nurturing good work ethics in your career.
[37:06] Why building relationships is important in the theatre and film industry, and how you can do it at a higher level.
[45:32] Doubts are inevitable in your pursuit of greatness, but there is a way out. You have to believe in yourself no matter what.
[54:27] The three cornerstones that will help you boost your belief system that you are worthy and can achieve great success.
[01:08:04] Advice for aspiring actors who want to position themselves for success.

About Gregory Jbara –
Gregory is currently celebrating 13 seasons as DCPI Garrett Moore on the CBS police drama Blue Bloods. 2009 Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, and Outer Critics Circle Award winner for Best Featured Actor in a Musical as Jackie Elliot in Billy Elliot the musical. Founding class member of the University of Michigan Musical Theatre Program and Class of 1986 BFA graduate of The Juilliard School Acting Program. The voice of Pastor Wilson Knox for Adventures in Odyssey for Focus on the Family.

How to connect with Gregory Jbara:

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