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Trading Suits for Clown Shoes: The Life-altering Adventure of a Lawyer-turned-Clown with Robert Markowitz

Episode Summary –

In this episode, Belinda interviews Robert Markowitz, a musician, attorney, and author, who shares his journey of finding happiness through clowning and music. They discuss perception, superpowers, building an audience, adapting to change, and finding fulfillment in work and life.

“I'm where I need to be, I'm doing what I'm meant to do, and it felt right.”

Ever visualized a journey from the courtroom to the circus? Our guest, Robert Markowitz, did just that! This episode revolves around Robert's phenomenal transition from a lawyer to a clown and the wisdom he gathered along the way.

Belinda dives into Robert's journey. His incredible knack for engaging his audience and the spontaneity that his performances bring touches children and parents alike. He opens up about his experiences with ADHD and how it's been a double-edged sword for him. Don’t miss the tale of Robert's most memorable performance and how his ability to focus has helped him manage disruptions during performances. Robert’s journey is not just about changing careers but also about his adventures in music and writing, including his popular New York Times personal essays and children's music albums.

In the final segment, we delve into the significance of nurturing relationships and consistency in building an online presence. This episode is a testament to the courage it takes to walk an unconventional career path and redefine success. Robert's insights from his book, ‘Clown Shoes', will inspire anyone contemplating a career change. So, join us and get ready to be inspired by Robert's unique career voyage and get a fresh perspective on success!


About Robert Markowitz –
Robert is a musician, attorney, and clown. He has written personal essays for the New York Times, released three children's music albums of original songs and played thousands of shows. He holds a law degree from Duke University and has worked as a teacher, attorney, and clown. Robert tells us about his journey of becoming a lawyer due to his parents' wishes and then later leaving it to pursue his passions in clowning, music, and writing. He eventually ended up in Mexico and then had to move back in with his mom in suburban New York. After looking through the New York Times WAN ads, he saw one for a party clown which sparked a bit of life in him. He bought the kit, did his first job and experienced a feeling of joy for the first time in a while. He has been a children's musician for over two decades now and is launching an online community and quarterly subscription box this spring.

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