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Mariko Briley – YOOBLY

Episode Summary –

Mariko grew up in Alaska living off a fishing boat in the summer when she was not trudging her way through the snow to school. She followed her dream to become a pilot and graduated from a world-renowned aeronautical university in Arizona. Mariko returned to Alaska and began giving tours around Mount McKinley.

When she reconnected with her childhood friend, who eventually became her husband, and got married and pregnant in short order she decided that maybe being a bush pilot wasn’t the best career path. From there they put all their eggs in one basket and four suitcases, purchased an online business will every last dime they had and moved out of state. Their new business was an eye-opener to online lead generation and their most popular client, the network marketer. Mariko grew up in a network marketing home and noticed her mom encountered the same problem as all of her new clients did, they did not treat their network marketing like a real business and needed help. This, along with her knowledge of online lead generation, paved the way to the formation of Yoobly in 2010.

She and her husband created a program where they teach business owners how to use online tools such as social media to grow and automate their business. Hard work and optimism has led her from $200,000 in business debt to a multi-million dollar business and live the life of her dreams.