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Dr. Clark Gaither – Dr. Burnout

Episode Summary –

Dr. Clark Gaither knows first hand both the pain and the value of struggle. During his lifetime and 26-year career as a family physician he has faced and overcome many difficult challenges – fear of public speaking, alcoholism, professional burnout, and devastating personal tragedies. Not only has he learned to overcome, he has learned to embrace the glorious magnificence of change.

• Became an expert in the identification, treatment, and prevention of job-related burnout after personally experiencing job burnout.
• Overcame a moribund fear of speaking, even in private, to become the NC state Serious Speech Champion.
• Battled alcoholism while in residency training in 1989 but went on to become the NC Family Physician of the Year in 2002.
• Authored a Best Selling book in March 2018, REIGNITE, on professional job-related burnout.