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Elise Auxier – Gulfcoast Coaching

Episode Summary –

Elise Auxier (aux-ee-ur) is an ICF certified, professional executive and life coach and the owner of Gulfcoast Coaching in Tampa, Florida. Elise helps her clients understand and harness the power of their energy for greater leadership effectiveness.

Unlike personality assessments, the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is a behavioral assessment which illuminates how current perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors either enhance the ability to lead or detract from it. It measures how people really “show up” in life on a day when things are going pretty good and when they are under stress.

The ELI uncovers 7 distinct levels of energy which we all cycle through on a daily basis. None of these energy levels are inherently good or bad unless we become stuck in one, unaware of our ability to choose something different.

Understanding that we possess the power to choose our energy and find opportunity in every situation is a life-changing awareness. This is exactly the window that the ELI allows us to look through.

For more than 30 years Elise has helped men and women expand their clarity, personal power and confidence. She partners with her clients to help them experience more of the life they really want. Together they illuminate what might be possible and turn it into the achievable.

Elise coaches professional people who are hungry for higher performance, deeper engagement and more personal satisfaction and joy in their lives. People who feel both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by their lives and know that there has got to be more than this.

The Energy Leadership Index illuminates the path for a new level of awareness and consciousness about what is truly possible in life.