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Rhiannon Bosse

Episode Summary –

Rhiannon Bosse believes in the power of celebration. As founder and creative leader of Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations, she has helped thousands around the world plan weddings and toast other milestones with a distinct blend of class and unbridled joy, all of which prompted VOGUE Magazine to name her one of the top wedding planners in the world.

Now, she is applying her knack for bringing out a moment’s unique beauty to all of life’s most important endeavors. As an in-demand speaker and workshop facilitator, and on her devoutly followed blog and social media, Rhiannon explores everything from embracing adventurous motherhood, cultivating a life-giving home and pursuing creative entrepreneurship, to expert floral design, inspired event planning and delivering heartfelt pep talks every woman needs, all with her signature warmth, vivid storytelling, and style.