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Rick Libby – Traveling Vineyard

Episode Summary –

With more than 30 years’ experience working at consumer-based companies in an entrepreneurial role, Rick Libby is the CEO of Traveling Vineyard, where his official title is Chief Grape Stomper. Libby launched today’s Traveling Vineyard (previously known as The Traveling Vineyard) in 2010. Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling organization that first introduced the concept of in-home wine tastings to market its exclusive Traveling Vineyard wines—which are sourced from high-quality vineyards worldwide and regularly earn Gold and Silver medals from Tastings World Wine Championships. Under Libby’s leadership, Traveling Vineyard has grown from hundreds of Wine Guides to now over 5,000 across the United States. Libby's guiding principle is “work hard, be kind,” a philosophy passed down to him by his parents and embraced by the entire Traveling Vineyard family.