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Thane Marcus Ringler

Episode Summary –

Thane Marcus Ringler is a former professional golfer turned writer, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He is the author of From Here to There: A Quarter-Life Perspective on the Path to Mastery. He also runs a side business called Collaboration Coffee.

After competing for over three years on different tours all over the U.S. and the world, he is now taking the professional athlete's mindset to everyday people in everyday life. Through the Collaboration Business he is building, Thane is coming alongside freelancers, business owners, and fellow entrepreneurs to help them be more efficient and effective in the work they are doing. He ultimately does everything for the purpose of bringing honor and glory to God- Romans 11:36.

Thane and his good friend Adam Setser host a podcast called The Up & Comers. Their mantra is having “intention in the tension” because life is inevitably filled with tensions that we have to live in the midst.