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Katie Farrell – Dashing Dish

Episode Summary –

Dashing Dish has a mission: nourishing our bodies and souls, in tandem, through whole foods, simple recipes, and gentle wisdom. A dynamic guide that takes the guesswork out of every aspect of healthy living and makes good choices easy, practical, and fun, Dashing Dish incorporates meal planning, clean-eating recipes, tech-smart grocery lists, product recommendations, workouts, spiritual exercises, personalized coaching, and more into an innovative but intuitive online platform. Founded by passionate health and ministry advocate and author Katie Ferrell, Dashing Dish yokes modern convenience, organization, and wellness knowledge with traditional comfort and values to create a welcoming space that helps women care for themselves and their families. Dashing Dish is always ad-free and community-supported, earning the trust of its thousands-strong readership one delicious meal and soul-affirming devotional at a time.