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Krissy Frewin – 2B Organized

Episode Summary –

Krissy Frewin is the owner of 2B Organized Kansas City, a Professional Organizing Service located in the Kansas City area. At a very young age, Krissy realized her passion for organizing as she constantly arranged, re-arranged, and organized her room. While Krissy has always considered herself an “organizer”, it took several years to realize that organizing could actually be a business that she could scale and make a full-time salary on. When she hit a point of either starting a new career path or chartering a path of her own, she was at a crossroads. She was unsure if she had what it took to be her own boss, so she started doing research on the entrepreneurial spirit. In her research, she stumbled upon this very podcast and began listening to entrepreneurs from all over the world speak about their experiences. Slowly but surely, Krissy gained the confidence to take the leap, and she attributes her courage to start her own business to the “Work from your Happy Place” Podcast, as well as the infinite support from her husband Ryan, and her mentor and franchisor, Betsy.