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Belinda Ellsworth – Creator of WFYHP interviewed by Lydia Martin

Episode Summary –
Belinda Ellsworth is the creator and host of Work From Your Happy Place. Normally she's the voice that you’ll be hearing as the Interviewer, but today Belinda will be interviewed by her colleague Lydia Martin!
Belinda is the author of the best-selling book, Direct Selling for Dummies, she’s trained thousands of sales representatives, managers and executives, and worked with more than a hundred different direct selling companies.

Belinda has had over 30 years in the direct sales industry, and she’s been asked to be a corporate consultant, motivational speaker and trainer of many top direct selling companies. In 2015, she won the Direct Selling Association Ethos Partnership Award, and this is awarded to the industry’s leading influential trainer. From a very young age, Belinda has always had the entrepreneurial spirit. She’s very excited about interviewing entrepreneurs from all different types of businesses and companies and sharing their stories.
While playing in a band, she began her own direct sales career at the age of 18, but over the last 20 years, she’s been building her speaking and consulting business, Step Into Success.

:54 Belinda’s biography
2:44 Self introduction
4:00 Inspiration to podcast
9:03 Working and evolving lifestyle
14:36 How being goal driven has helped Belinda
16:00 Ability to focus and compartmentalize and how it helps Belinda
19:32 The mindset of a student: embrace it and learn to grow
22:10 1 Challenge? SO many challenges, they’ll keep coming
24:47 Belinda’s happy place: personally
27:14 Being happy professionally
31:37 Belinda is always proud to be impacting people’s lives
34:13 Writing a book and winning awards
38:30 Be willing to take risks
42:04 Importance of mentors
45:21 Direct Selling Now for direct sellers