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Colleen Sullivan – Learning Facilitator and Coach

Episode Summary –

For the past 15 years, Colleen Sullivan has been instrumental in developing and facilitating customized leadership training for a multitude of organizations across the country. She has consulted with State Departments of Education, Universities, Military Organizations, corporate industries and private companies to accelerate their effectiveness, sustain organizational vitality and optimize leadership performance.

As a learning facilitator, Colleen has facilitated sessions for hundreds of leaders enhancing their capacity to create and sustain an inclusive climate within an organization through an authentic conversational platform that enables leaders to design and hold quality conversations that produce a common understanding and alignment within the system.

With a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, she incorporates edges of Organizational Development, Systems Thinking, Change Management, adult learning methodologies as well as Conversational Leadership to provide a leadership experience that enables all participants to personalize their new learnings into daily practice, fostering sustainable change.

Colleen has spent hundreds of hours, coaching and facilitating sessions with all levels of leadership, from C-Level Executives in the private sectors and Senior Officers in the Military to front line leaders and Petty Officers. By customizing every session to the unique needs of the client, she develops and maintains long-term results focused relationships with clients.