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Richard Lau –

Episode Summary –

Richard Lau, the founder of, has an impressive track record of building successful businesses. He has founded, built, and sold multiple companies including,, and NamesCon. Along with success on the business side, he has a heart for giving back to others and is Executive Director of WaterSchool, a charity focused on clean water projects in Uganda. Utilizing his experience as a means to benefit others, Richard has developed a passion for helping other entrepreneurs and potential business owners increase their own happiness and success. He does this through any venue he can – including podcasts, public speaking events, and conferences.

2020 is Richard’s 20th year as a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 30 after just moving to a new country with his wife & 3-month old son. His faith in God carried him through this trying time for himself and his family, and gave him even more drive to help others through business.