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Wendy Collier – SoulFUEL

Episode Summary –

Wendy Collier coaches ambitious, purpose-driven women, entrepreneurs, coaches, artists, teachers, healers, light workers, and conscious leaders of all kinds, to live free from the inside out, through plugging into their SoulFUEL® and learning the skills required to be a wild success at growing their business.

Wendy is the Founder and Creator of SoulFUEL®. She is known for helping women identify their unique skills and purpose while teaching them exactly how to thrive financially, through what they are meant to do.

She shows women how to get clear and confident so they can profit from their passion and make a difference.

She is the host of the 5-Star SoulFUEL® Podcast and leads private and group business coaching programs including The Client Attraction Academy which is known to create such success, her most determined clients never need to go back to a job ever again.