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DC Glenn – Whoomp! (There It Is) and here he is

Episode Summary –

Spanning the spectrum from TV and Radio Ads, programs, films and sporting events, TAG TEAM’s music has risen to be the defining 90’s Hip Hop Melodic Voice. The big hit “Whoomp!” remains highly relevant and those ranging in age from 8 to 108 continue to groove and boogie down to the exceptional tune. With ‘90s hip-hop more recognizable than ever, venues all over the world are energized to watch Tag Team live and in action. Social media has also supplied a new avenue for converting music enthusiasts into “Whoomp!” fans. DC Glenn and Steve thrive on hooking up with brand new fans who have discovered them via viral Facebook posts and appreciate seeing their blissful faces when they listen to the song performed live. Recently featured in the fun Auto Insurance Commercial for Geico, the 90s classic Reel School HIP HOP duo TAG TEAM is back on TOP.

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Scoop! (There It Is) – GEICO
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