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Meggan Larson, Lauren da Silva, Tobi Feldman – The Truth About Success

Episode Summary –

The Truth About Success is a book collaboration by twenty-five women from Canada, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and even Poland!

The success stories in this book range from overcoming loss & heartache, to finding & stepping into your authentic self, to single motherhood & parenting with a deployed spouse, to healing through medical trauma & scary diagnoses.

From coaches to stay-at-home moms, to medical professionals, Ph.D. holders, and beyond, the words of these authors will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, inspire you to believe that you were made for more.

The Truth About Success book has already hit #1 new release on AMAZON in 4 categories

Meggan Larson is a wife, mom, adoptee, course creator, entrepreneur, AFT Certified Success Coach, and a published author whose debut book The Truth About Forgiveness hit the number 1 new release spot in multiple categories. She is passionate about helping women entrepreneurs succeed & serve from their authentic selves. She helps them transform from failure to success by teaching them how to believe in themselves unapologetically, find their voices, and fly. It took her thirteen years of failing as an entrepreneur to finally understand what she was doing wrong and now she’s on a mission to help as many women as she can start to believe in themselves in order to succeed wildly. If you are ready to transform your business, revolutionize your life, show up authentically, and impact the world, then head on over to her website at, grab her free resources, join her online community, and fly with her.

Tobi Feldman is an entrepreneur, AFT Certified Oola Life Balance Coach, Speech-Language Pathologist, and now a published author. She lives in Ithaca, NY with her family where she enjoys the plethora of waterfalls. Driven by her personal journey, Tobi is passionate about supporting women who are raising teens & young adults in finding more balance, engaging in radical self-care, and re-discovering their creativity and passions. She is also dedicated to raising awareness of the challenges with executive functioning in teens and young adults and how it can impact their mental health and relationships. If you are ready to reclaim your life, strengthen your relationships, and/or support your older kids without losing your mind, then head over to her website at, grab her free resources, and join her online community.

Lauren da Silva is a wife, mother, writer, entrepreneur, and empath obsessed with learning as much as she can about the world and the people who live in it. She is a South African living in Waco, Texas, and spends her free time creating or enjoying the outdoors. She dreams of a world where diversity is celebrated, where all who live in it feel safe and connected, and where we would choose to turn toward one another & the messes we make in love, rather than fear.