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How You Approach Things Defines Your Success with JASON MATIAS

Jason Matias is an author and contemporary photographer who lives and works in the Greater Seattle Area. A New York native, his photographs of nature include locations around the globe. More recently in his career, his creative focus expanded to work with models. No matter the subject, Jason’s work focuses on the ideas of isolation and introspection.

Jason runs a fine art business, which has supported him by generating over $100K in sales a year for the past 10 years (including 2020). His work has taken him all over the globe, from the United States to Abu-Dhabi to Indonesia, and has been published in National Geographic.
While Jason’s financial success is aspirational, it’s his story that is the true inspiration for anyone wondering if they can make a living selling their art. Jason does not come from a wealthy family, who gave him a leg up in the art world. He was born into a military family and went into the family business by enlisting in the Air Force right out of high school.
When Jason came out of the military 6 years later, he was terrified of becoming another homeless vet. While he tried some other conventional jobs, he couldn’t shake his calling as an artist. Constantly obsessed with finding the light, Jason decided to put all his efforts into making a fine art career work.


“The art side that I had allowed me to see the composition and got me moving in the right direction in towards creating art with a camera.”

Episode Summary –

Building a successful business as an artist requires approaching your art as a product. And most of the artist fails to approach it in this way which becomes a major reason behind their failed & struggling career.

As soon as you are done creating art, it becomes a product.

In this episode, Jason Matias shares his story of success and how his different approaches towards art & life have helped him build a successful fine art business.


Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

[02:28] Jason shares his success story from being in the military to becoming a successful photographer
[11:51] Jason talks about his most remarkable accomplishment
[12:49] Jason shares how he got into TEDx
[16:53] Jason talks about a traumatic incident which has been his greatest challenge
[29:00] Jason shares how he navigates between the business side and being creative.
[32:42] Jason talks about a mindset problem that every artist needs to avoid to become successful in their careers
[33:42] Jason shares three tips that have made his business successful.
[36:27] What does working from happy place mean to Jason?
[38:40] Jason talks about his upcoming works


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