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Listening to Emotions with Douglas E. Noll

Douglas E. Noll, JD, MA, left a successful career as a trial lawyer to become a peacemaker. His calling is to serve humanity, and he executes his calling at many levels. 

He is an award-winning author, teacher, trainer, and a highly experienced mediator. Doug’s work carries him from international work to helping people resolve deep interpersonal and ideological conflicts to training life inmates to be peacemakers and mediators in maximum-security prisons.
He was born nearly deaf, nearly blind, crippled with two club feet, and left-handed. Despite this, he learned how to learn and ultimately became a lawyer-turned-peacemaker, best-selling author of four books, speaker, visionary, and teacher. He is the co-founder of Prison of Peace (, training murderers in maximum security prisons how to be peacemakers and mediators in their prison communities.

He teaches thought leaders and business leaders how to use their emotions as part of their hidden genius. One of the ways he does this is by teaching people how to listen to others into existence. 


“The best way to communicate with others is with emotions.”

Episode Summary –

Your emotions primarily drive your actions.

And the most challenging emotion that is difficult to control within ourselves and of others is anger. 

How many times have you taken decisions out of anger which you have regretted later?
How many times have you reacted when your clients, team members, or family members are angry?
What do you do to make the other person calm down?
Decisions and actions taken with anger don’t lead anywhere.
In this episode, Douglas talks about how you can transform your life by listening each other to existence.


Snapshot of the key points discussed from the episode:
[02:24] Douglas shares his journey of becoming a Peacemaker from a successful Trial Lawyer.
[20:53] Douglas shares the three steps of de-escalating an angry person.
[28:35] Douglas talks about how our brain makes decisions and how we can control them.
[32:25] Douglas shares some stories of how people have transformed their lives by being emotionally competent.
[36:58] Douglas talks about “the listening each other to existence” – How it helps transform relationships both personally and professionally.
[38:03] What does work from your happy place mean to Douglas?
[38:52] Douglas’s advice on finding peace within to live a successful and meaningful life?


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About the Host –

Belinda Ellsworth is a Speaker, Trainer, Best-Selling Author, and Podcaster

She has been a professional speaker, mover, and shaker for more than 25 years. Having built three successful companies, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make better decisions, create successful systems, and build business strategies using her “Four Pillars of Success” system.

Belinda has always had a passion and zest for life with the skill for turning dreams into reality. 

Over the last 20 years, she has been expertly building her speaking and consulting business, Step Into Success.


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