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Stop Treating Yourself as a Victim with Michelle Dickinson

Michelle E. Dickinson is a Wellbeing Strategist and passionate mental health advocate. She is also a TEDx speaker and a published author of a memoir entitled Breaking Into My Life.
Michelle goes first and sees herself as the bridge that helps people get comfortable with their mental health so that they reach out and get the support they need before they hit a crisis. She makes it ok to not be ok and thrives on making a real difference in the lives of others – especially around their wellbeing.
After years of playing the role of child caregiver to her bipolar mother, Michelle embarked on her own healing journey of self-discovery. She went on to spend years working to eradicate the mental health stigma within her own workplace by elevating empathy and compassion, causing more open conversations, and leading real change in how mental illness is understood. She was instrumental in building the largest and fastest growing employee mental health employee resource group while at her fortune 500 company.
She also knows first-hand what it feels like to struggle with a mental illness after experiencing my own depression due to her divorce. This has provided her with a rich perspective.

“If you can talk to someone that you trust, you must get your emotions out, and together you can figure out what's the next step for you.”

Episode Summary –

Do you constantly keep blaming others for whatever wrong happens to your life?
Do you feel your life is stuck?
Do you often feel that life is against you?
Do you feel powerless?
With so many ups and downs in business and our life, it is ok to have these thoughts.
But what is not ok is ignoring these thoughts.

This way, you are only harming both yourself and your business.

In this episode, Michelle Dickinson talks about mental illness. She shares some valuable insights on overcoming mental illness and living a positive, happy, and successful life.


Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[03:24] Michelle talks about the reasons why people stay in silence with mental illness.
[04:47] Michelle shares her success journey how she started her entrepreneurial journey from a successful corporate career.
[07:28] Michelle shares three steps to start handling your mental illness.
[12:12] Michelle talks about how to find the right therapist.
[15:07] Michelle talks about the skillsets that have helped her succeed.
[17:01] How to come out from the victim mentality?
[20:14] Michelle talks about her significant accomplishments.
[22:03] Michelle talks about how entrepreneurs go through the highs & lows of mental challenges.
[22:27] Michelle talks about the struggles he has faced as an entrepreneur and how she overcame them.
[24:16] What does working from your happy place means to Michelle?
{25:06] Michelle’s advice for someone who wants to quit their corporate jobs and start their own business.
[27:52] Michelle talks about how to have authentic conversations with team members as a leader.
[30:00] Michelle’s advice for people staying in silence with their mental illness.
[32:27] How a gratitude journal helps in staying positive?


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Belinda Ellsworth is a Speaker, Trainer, Best-Selling Author, and Podcaster

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