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Stop Thinking and Make It Happen with Adam Shoenfeld

Shoenfeld has balanced a career as a first-called studio musician with a spot in Tim McGraw’s touring band for the last nine years. He’s also fostered rising talent as a co-writer and producer while nurturing a couple of musical side projects of his own, namely Digital Brains (a band influenced by rock and punk) and SunKat (a 70’s pop-rock inspired duo with his wife Katie Cook).

As concerts dried up during the pandemic, Shoenfeld channeled his creative energy into writing songs and producing a solo record in his home studio, pulling together the textures of classic rock, power pop, and adult alternative. By collaborating with those bands, he says he found his own voice too – one that he’s proud to lend to the release of his first solo album, All the Birds Sing, in Winter 2021.
In 1994, at 20 years old, Shoenfeld moved to Nashville and soon integrated himself into the music community. He formed a band with “Big Kenny” Alphin called LuvjOi, which became one of the most popular draws on Nashville’s rock scene in that era. When Big Kenny then formed country duo Big & Rich with John Rich, they enlisted Shoenfeld to play guitar on their 2004 breakout hit, “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.” Around this same time, Shoenfeld and Rich teamed up to write a hit for Faith Hill, resulting in her 2005 No. 1 single, “Mississippi Girl.”

Although he was offered a record deal as a country duo with a then-unknown Jason Aldean, Shoenfeld turned it down because he didn’t want to be known as a country artist with all due respect to the genre. Yet he’s been a bandleader and lead guitarist on every one of Aldean’s solo albums since then – and many others too. Since 2011, he’s received seven nominations from the Academy of Country Music for Guitar Player of the Year. He’s also accrued credits on more than 40 No. 1 country hits, including modern classics like Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise.”

“As an artist, you have to be able to sell yourself, and whether you are good in marketing or not, you have to believe in yourself.”

Episode Summary –

Are you someone you overthinks a lot, but implementation is almost zero?

This is not going to help you in anyway.

If you want to be successful and live a meaningful life, you need to stop overthinking and make things happen for you.

Do you know how your overthinking is affecting your growth:

  • Your creativity becomes less
  • You tend to stop taking actions
  • You are always low in energy

And the most common reason why people don’t take action is out of fear of losing.

Failure is a part of success; it’s ok to fail. But you have to be bold enough to take your chances and risk things because it is only after all the struggles & challenges you will get to taste success.

So become fearless, believe in yourself, and take action to make things happen for you.
In this episode, Adam Shoenfeld shares his story of how his willingness to take risks has helped him succeed as an artist.

Adam's belief in himself and his clarity towards his goal has helped him overcome all the obstacles.


Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[02:30] Adam shares his success journey and how he started.
[06:23] Adam talks about his most significant accomplishment.
[07:38] Adam talks about his challenging times.
[09:53] Adam shares his most memorable performance.
[14:43] Adam talks about how he is engaging with his audience to create his fanbase.
[19:40] Adam talks about how he is navigating between the business side and artistic side.
[21:59] Adam talks about how he gets the inspiration of writing songs.
[26:09] What does working from your happy place mean to Adam?
[28:11] Adam’s advice on how to become a successful artist.


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