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The Amazing Journey of Gourmet Veggie Burgers with Hailey Swartz

Hailey Swartz co-founded Actual Veggies, the first veggie-only burger brand free from preservatives, fillers, and additives, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Prior to founding Actual Veggies, Hailey served as the Product Lead for Alibaba North America, where she established a North American presence for the world’s largest B2B trading platform.

Using her expertise from her time at Alibaba, Hailey has helped Actual Veggies grow rapidly over the past two years, despite launching during the pandemic. Hailey continues to be a female force in an industry dominated by men.

The company will soon be expanding to other retail stores, including Aldi, and will introduce a new variety, called “The Actual Breakfast Burger” later in 2022.

“The right way of online marketing is to make it personal and about your audience, not about your product.” 

Episode Summary –
In this episode, Hailey Swartz talks about the birth, growth, and challenges of building her company.

In November of 2019, Hailey's cofounder Jason Rosenbaum shared with her that he had stopped eating meat and had been eating a lot of “beyond burgers.” He also said he'd realized that there wasn't a great veggie burger on the market. The “Actual Veggies” business grew out of their quest to create one.

Just like any other business, Actual Veggies has had its share of ups and downs, from finding the right ingredients for their burgers, marketing of them, and handling people who want to partner with and act as advisors to the company. Through all of that, they've watched their company grow and are seeing the impact they're making with their presence.

What has really helped the business retain its relevance and helped the brand grow has been creating awareness. Hailey shares how she creates awareness by teaching people the health benefits of her veggie burgers through LinkedIn and other social platforms. And it's working! The company will soon be expanding to larger retail stores, including Aldi, and will introduce a new variety, called “The Actual Breakfast Burger” later in 2022.


Snapshots of the Key points from the Episode:
[02:29] Hailey talks about what lead to the birth of Actual Veggies
[04:05] Hailey explains the effects of the worldwide pandemic as she ventures into her new business
[05:40] Hailey talks about the impact of her previous occupation that gave her the confidence to venture into entrepreneurship
[07:15] The success of Actual Veggie
[09:53] Hailey proudly discusses about one of her investors, Post Malone management team
[10:37] The important things to focus on as a company founder
[14:19] Hailey Swartz’s superpower
[15:37] Additional ways of building good relationships
[17:47] Hailey talks about the outstanding accomplishments throughout the whole journey
[19:20] Hailey talks about the challenges she have faced and how she worked through them
[21:02] Marketing mistakes are making on LinkedIn.
[23:20] What does working from your happy place means to Hailey
[24:27] Hailey’s advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur and how to source products from Alibaba.


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