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Building My Half Million Dollar Online Business through Content Marketing with Kevin Kwan

Kevin Kwan used content to grow his tiny gym back in 2009, from renting half a basketball court to two 5,000 sq/ft facilities in 2012. He then launched his own successful online nutrition program in 2012 while running both gyms.
In 2017 he left the gym business to take a bigger calling to help other coaches amplify their message and used his skills to turn complex coaching topics into attention-grabbing content that leads to enrollments.
Today, he shares his in-the-trenches wisdom from inside his own program using his own proprietary content creation frameworks to help coaches enroll more sophisticated clients from their Facebook Groups and Email lists. Coaches hire Kevin to nail down the message psychology on how to attract, connect and enroll more sophisticated clients from their Facebook Groups and Email lists.

Kevin has an inspirational story of how he built a half-million-dollar business that broke all of the conventional rules of online business.

“When you are not happy with something, take action and do something else.”

Episode Summary –
Content marketing has become an essential marketing tool for almost every business, small or large, local or global.

With proper strategy and execution, content marketing can become the most effective marketing tool for your business to increase brand awareness, build authentic relationships with your audience, and generate pre-qualified leads.

In this episode, Kevin Kwan explains discusses how he followed his passion for content creation and his journey from being a gym coach to a content creator. He shares the strategies he has used to build a half-million-dollar business through content marketing.

He talks about the importance of finding your passion and working towards it.

He also explains the challenges and pressure he faced as the breadwinner for his family after quitting his coaching job before diving into content creation.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[02:45] The background information and entrepreneurial journey of Kevin Kwan.
[06:45] How Kevin Kwan knew he had a passion for content creation.
[08:20] The three tips from Kevin Kwan that you can do to start a business and live your dream life.
[12:32] Kevin shares tips on connecting and building authentic relationships with your audience online.
[17:37] Kevin’s superpowers/skillsets that have helped him in his online content creation business.
[18:49] Kevin’s outstanding accomplishments and strengths.
[22:12] Kevin talks about his challenges throughout his entrepreneurial journey.
[25:37] Kevin’s meaning of working from your happy place.
[26:31] Kevin’s advice to entrepreneurs – How to start and take the risk?
[29:26] Exciting/ helpful things Kevin is working on at the moment.


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About the Host –

Belinda Ellsworth is a Speaker, Trainer, Best-Selling Author, and Podcaster
She has been a professional speaker, mover, and shaker for more than 25 years. Having built three successful companies, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make better decisions, create successful systems, and build business strategies using her “Four Pillars of Success” system.
Belinda has always had a passion and zest for life with the skill for turning dreams into reality.
Over the last 20 years, she has been expertly building her speaking and consulting business, Step Into Success.


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