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Rediscover Yourself with an Experiential Vacation with Geetika Agrawal

Episode Summary –

Through travel, you open the door to embrace new experiences and re-emerge as a new individual.

Going on a vacation helps you to stay away from your familiar routine and shift your life. The experiences you get from traveling can be life-changing.

Whenever you are doubtful about the right way forward or find your daily schedule overwhelming, the best thing you can do is to take a break from your everyday life and go on an adventure.

Such trips not only help you to rejuvenate, but it also helps you to rediscover yourself. You get to learn and experience something new about yourself and also get an opportunity to sharpen your skills.

“A perfect vacation is a perfect time to connect and find yourself.”

In this episode, Geetika Agrawal discusses the need to go on a vacation. She also talks about how she helps people to rediscover themselves by going on a vacation with an artist.

Snapshots of the Key Points from the Episode:
[02:52] Geetika shares her background story and what motivated her to start the company, Vacation with An Artist (VAWAA).
[09:41] Geetika talks about how the traveling experience has changed post-pandemic. How does her organization help people to improve their creativity through traveling?
[14:57] How does Vacation with An Artist help people change their lives? How has people’s spending changed post-pandemic?
[18:10] Geetika talks about why a huge percentage of people who rediscover their life are in their midlife. Why does mindset matter more than age?
[23:02] Geetika talks about her greatest skill sets that have helped her career.
[25:50] Geetika talks about how she navigates between her artistic and business side.
[29:03] Geetika talks about the strategies she implements to reach her target audience.
[30:42] What does working from your happy place mean to Geetika?


About Geetika Agrawal –

Geetika Agrawal is Founder and CEO at Vacation with An Artist (VAWAA) – the first curated platform to book mini-apprenticeships with master artists and craftspeople across 27 countries. In-person and online. Her mission is to create a more creative and connected world through these experiences, as well as provide a global platform for artists to teach, earn additional income and help in the preservation of their craft.
Her work has won several international awards and featured in New York Times, SXSW, Artsy, National Geographic, CondeNast Traveler and more. She has a Bachelors in Interior Architecture from CEPT, India and MS Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design, California.


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About the Host –

Belinda Ellsworth is a Speaker, Trainer, Best-Selling Author, and Podcaster

She has been a professional speaker, mover, and shaker for more than 25 years. Having built three successful companies, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make better decisions, create successful systems, and build business strategies using her “Four Pillars of Success” system.

Belinda has always had a passion and zest for life with the skill for turning dreams into reality. 

Over the last 20 years, she has been expertly building her speaking and consulting business, Step Into Success.


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