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Celebrating the 500th Milestone Episode with Pat Flynn – Finding your Space In the Internet

Episode Summary –

With the advent of the internet, building a brand and gaining traction with your target audience is easier than ever. Online businesses that offer an exceptional customer experience, a strong social media following, and the ability to provide helpful content and support services can thrive.

The key to success is finding a way to stand out from the competition by offering something valuable they can't get anywhere else. In order to do this, you'll have to make it easy for people to find and connect with your product or services. You can create quality content, build relationships with people who share your interests, and build a tribe around these connections.

In this episode, Pat Flynn, a successful father, husband, and entrepreneur who lives and works in San Diego, shares wisdom in this 500th episode. He shares the steps you can take to start an online business. He also talks about the saturated online space and what you can do to stand out.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[03:31] Pat talks about his Smart Passive Income company and the value he gives to people.
[05:26] Why most people feel intimidated to start an online business.
[06:38] Steps you can take to start an online business.
[09:17] The idea of “a thousand true fans.”
[10:58] Is the online space saturated, and is it difficult to find your space?
[20:54] Pat talks about keeping your customers and making them feel valued.
[24:16] Nobody owes you engagement. You earn it
[25:15] Pat’s superpowers.
[28:51] What was Pat’s”‘aha moment” in business?
[30:21] A challenging moment in Pat’s life and how he overcame it.
[32:25] What does working from your happy place mean to Pat?
[34:04] Pat's advice for young people starting on the entrepreneurial path on how to find great success. 


About Pat Flynn –
Pat Flynn is a father, husband, and entrepreneur who lives and works in San Diego, CA. He owns several successful online businesses and is a professional blogger, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and host of the Smart Passive Income and AskPat podcasts, which have earned a combined total of over 80 million downloads, multiple awards, and features in publications such as The New York Times and Forbes. He is also an advisor to ConvertKit, Circle, and several other companies in the digital marketing arena.

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About the Host –

Belinda Ellsworth is a Speaker, Trainer, Best-Selling Author, and Podcaster

She has been a professional speaker, mover, and shaker for more than 25 years. Having built three successful companies, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make better decisions, create successful systems, and build business strategies using her “Four Pillars of Success” system.

Belinda has always had a passion and zest for life with the skill for turning dreams into reality. 

Over the last 20 years, she has been expertly building her speaking and consulting business, Step Into Success.

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