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The Power of Storytelling to Transform Your Business with Ryan Murphy

Episode Summary –

Storytelling is essential to effective communication, relationship building, and marketing strategies. By sharing your message through stories, you can evoke strong emotions in your customers and foster meaningful connections. Stories enable people to identify with your message, which makes it easier for them to remember what you said. They might not remember your story's facts or details, but they will never forget how it made them feel.

“People are never going to remember what you say; what they will remember is how you made them feel.”

To be an effective and authentic storyteller in your business strategy, you must be bold, brief, and true to yourself. By tapping into your own perspective, you can tell the best stories that capture your audience's attention.

In this episode, Ryan G. Murphy (“Murph”) from New York takes us on his journey of becoming a successful storyteller. He speaks about the power of storytelling and how it captivates people through human emotion. He provides helpful advice on how to be an engaging storyteller and how this skill could help elevate any business.

Let’s jump in!


Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[04:39] Ryan’s backstory and what he does to serve others.
[08:10] Ryan's top five tips on how to be a compelling storyteller.
[14:19] The essence of storytelling is capturing human emotion.
[15:33] Ryan’s superpowers that have helped him to build a successful career.
[21:09] Why birthing a book is much more complex than a baby.
[28:19] What does working from your happy place mean to Ryan?
[29:24] Ryan’s advice to entrepreneurs who are starting out.


About Ryan Murphy –
Ryan G. Murphy (“Murph”) is a redheaded humorist from New York. He writes true stories from his life, which cover a range of topics including the time he tried out (unsuccessfully) for a soap opera as a toddler, his indoctrination into a gang after reading “The Outsiders,” and his maniacal obsession with the internet celebrity cats.

He started out his career as a journalist, working up and down the east coast for newspapers, magazines, and broadcast stations, including CBS and NBC.

In 2013, his college roommate started a cybersecurity company and asked him to run marketing. He said yes, not knowing a single thing about marketing but realizing he knew how to tell good stories. The company succeeded. Ther IPOd in 2019 and then sold the company in 2019. After that, he and his former college roommate partnered in a boutique venture capital firm. This is his full-time job now, but his true passion is in making people laugh. He recently wrote a book “Gingered. A Memoir,” which is the #1 New Release in Humor Essays on Amazon.

He lives with his wife Pamela, who is allergic to cats, and their hypoallergenic puppy, Barkley, who is a Cavapoo. Barkley expects to welcome a younger brother in Spring 2023 but of humankind.

How to connect with Ryan Murphy:
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