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Becoming a Professional Voice-Over Artist with Gina Scarpa

Episode Summary –

Where do you start to become the next voice-over professional? What skills do you need? How will you land your first job? Or, how can you scale up your current work?

“Failure should never be an option! No matter what, you must keep pushing forward to reach your goals and succeed.”

A career as a voice-over artist is within reach with the right dedication and commitment. It doesn't require any formal training or special skills, just pick an area of interest and start practicing. If you're willing to put in the effort, success will follow.

In this episode, Gina Scarpa joins us to chat about her career as a voice-over artist. Hear all about how she got started, her career progression, and the valuable lessons she has learned. She also provides key advice on how to become a successful voice-over artist. Tune in now to get more tips that could help you kickstart your own dream job.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[05:06] Gina’s backstory and what she does in her space. Her success mantra in life.
[11:53] What are entrepreneurs doing to double their income? What entrepreneurs do during their downtimes.
[14:00] One of Gina’s favorite performances.
[16:57] Gina’s superpowers that have made her a success.
[18:27] The incredible power of networking.
[21:55] How Gina creates engagement with her fanbase.
[25:49] How has Gina navigated the artistic and business side of things in her career?
[27:36] Tips for success as a voice-over artist.
[29:15] What does working from your happy place mean to Gina?


About Gina Scarpa –
Gina Scarpa is an accomplished professional voiceover artist and coach. She has spent decades in radio broadcasting and voice acting. She is proud to have voiced national TV and radio commercials, video game characters, and corporate content for some of the biggest brands in the country.

Some of Gina’s happy clients include VistaPrint, Burger King, Xfinity, L’Oreal, and Invesco. Gina is an award-winning teacher and director and was named the 2019 ACE Educator of the Year by the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County in CT. She is also the founder, owner, and Creative Director of Positive Voices Studio, which provides coaching and educational programming for children, teens, and rising adult voice actors.

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