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Discover Your True Success by Pursuing Your Passions with Ted Bradshaw

Episode Summary –

If you find yourself working hard but not getting the desired outcomes, it may be time to step back and evaluate if what you're doing is fulfilling you. It can be easy to get caught up with what's popular or profitable, so take a moment to reflect on what makes you happy and gives your life meaning. Chasing your passions and staying true to yourself is how we achieve real success.

“Make purpose-driven decisions in life instead of being driven by blind ambition. Let your purpose be your guide, and success will follow.”

To truly understand your purpose, you must analyze the source of your motivation. Are these drives based on negative emotions such as fear, lack, or guilt? If so, it is important to reroute to a healthier and more productive mindset in order to achieve success. Be sure to take a step back and reflect on what makes you unique – this will help guide you in the right direction and make sure that you are the one making decisions that best suit your goals.

In this episode, Ted Bradshaw – a speaker, author, coach, and Expert EOS Implementer – talks about his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He shares insights on how you can take control of your own path by finding your purpose and then leveraging that energy and focus to pick the right goals for yourself. Hear his advice on setting an intention for the rest of your life which will benefit your future self.

Let’s jump in!

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[03:31] Ted’s backstory and how she got to where he is today.
[05:50] About Ted’s book, Stop Chasing Squirrels, and how it was born.
[09:04] Three tips from an entrepreneur and individual perspective to help you work from your happy place.
[12:54] Three steps in choosing to be guided by purpose instead of being driven.
[19:44] Driven and individualistic Vs. guided and involving other people.
[22:19] Ted’s skillsets and superpowers that have helped him in his journey. Ted’s outstanding accomplishment that he is super proud of. One of the greatest challenges that Ted has faced and how he worked through it.
[29:03] What does working from your happy place mean to Ted?
[31:13] Ted’s advice to people contemplating the entrepreneurship journey.


About Ted Bradshaw –

Ted Bradshaw served as an executive with Xerox and IBM, then left the Fortune 500 world to explore the thrills of entrepreneurship. What he found was a long string of success that looked great on the surface. But underneath it all, he felt anxious, exhausted, and stressed, chasing money wherever it led and wondering why he never felt fulfilled. Along his journey, Ted gained valuable insight into how a person can achieve fulfillment in all aspects of life, and he shares those insights with his best-selling book, Stop Chasing Squirrels.

Today, Ted lives his passion in helping others find theirs. A leading proponent of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, Ted is a speaker, author, an Expert EOS Implementer™, and the Community Leader for EOS Worldwide. Learn more at

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