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How to Collaborate As A Band with Couch

Episode Summary –

Working as a band is an incredibly fulfilling experience for musicians. It gives them the chance to combine their talents and create something unique, which can't be achieved by going solo. By joining forces, bands can maximize each other's strengths and specific skills to form something truly special and effective. Not only does it make creating music more enjoyable, but it also offers the opportunity to expand their fan base and get more recognition than ever before.

“Groups have the power to make great things happen! Pooling your talents and expertise allows you to be more productive and work towards common goals.”

The power of numbers and diversified specializations gives a group or band an edge. With a wide range of skills within the collective, tasks can be done in-house that typically require outsourcing and cost money. Being successful as an artist requires not only hard work and talent, but also being great to work with and finding sustainable solutions for yourself and those around you.

In this episode, we follow the story of the band “Couch”. We learn about their journey to success, from meeting each other in college to transitioning after graduation. We also get a glimpse into their growth as a long-distance band. Tune in to find out what it takes to create something amazing – respect for one another, curiosity, and patience! Learn how they were able to dream big and shoot for the stars in order to go from good to great.

Let’s jump in!

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[06:01] Couch's backstory and their journey to where they are today.
[09:34] Couch’s members transition from academic to the job market. Their favorites and most memorable performances in their journey.
[15:12] What inspired them to their style of music and their experience
[20:58] Their superpowers that have helped them to stay focused on their journey.
[26:23] How Couch connects and engages its fan base?
[29:09] How Couch balances the artistic side with the business side?
[31:19] What does working from your happy place mean to them?
[38:11] Advice to young artists getting ready to start their journey.


About Couch –

Couch is a Boston-based band.

Couch infuses pop with funk, rock, and R&B/soul. Their vibrant sound is further defined by the members’ backgrounds in jazz, a cappella, and musical theatre.

Until Spring 2021, Couch members were scattered across the country at various universities; they tackled the challenges of being a “long-distance” band, writing and even recording virtually for three years.

Despite these challenges, they celebrated the release of their debut EP, “COUCH,” in February 2021 as well as three new singles and a 20-city headline tour in 2022.

The band injects each track with their signature flavor: expressive horns, warm vocals, and bubbling synths—crafting an oasis of joy for musicians and non-musicians alike.

How to connect with Couch:


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