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Gear Up For Success: Leverage New Technology to Revolutionize Your Business with Thomas Helfrich

Episode Summary –

Entrepreneurship is an incredibly rewarding career path, but it also comes with a lot of stress. As business dynamics change faster than ever, entrepreneurs need to stay ahead of the curve and find innovative solutions to keep up. Technology has been a major factor in the evolution of businesses, so successful entrepreneurs must be willing to continuously adapt and adjust their strategies or ideas to stay relevant.

“Behind every successful business is a passionate team with a shared vision. With the right combination of skills, drive, and support, anything is possible”

In the modern business world, automation, digital marketing, and AI technology have transformed the way we do business. It is no longer necessary to rely on traditional methods for building brand awareness. However, these methods may still be useful in certain scenarios. Social media marketing has been one of the most popular routes for businesses to take in recent years. It is important to stay engaged with your customers and client base as well as being consistent with your product, service or mission when it comes to social media marketing success.

This episode with Thomas Helfrich has everything you need to know about adapting your digital skills and automation for your business. He explains the digital marketing era and how to build a passionate, vibrant team. Plus, you'll hear his insights on automation and AI integration into your business. Don't miss it.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
[03:15] A bit about Thomas’ journey and what he does to help others.
[05:18] What does Thomas do for his clients with automation and AI technology?
[06:22] Three top tips for business automation.
[07:55] Superpower skill sets that have helped Thomas succeed. Standout achievements that Thomas is always proud of.
[10:02] Thomas talks about the company culture that has created a passionate and winning team for his business.
[18:28] Thomas's greatest challenges and how he navigated through them.
[25:12] What does working from your happy place mean to Thomas?
[26:33] His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.


About Thomas Helfrich –
Thomas “AI Nerd” Helfrich is the Pioneering Founder's Secret Marketing Weapon. As CEO of, he builds trust and relevance for passionate founders, ambitious entrepreneurs, and pioneering startups by actually giving a shit about them, their brands, and their customers.

How to connect with Thomas Helfrich: