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Clear Your Mind, Organize Your Life: The Benefits of Decluttering Your Space with Dr. Regina Lark

Episode Summary –

Organizing your work, home, and life is critical to success. However, disorganization can cost you more time and money than anything else. We often hold onto things out of sentimentality or fear that we might need them in the future without understanding what that future looks like. Focusing on sentimental value or hypothetical needs only adds clutter to our identity and intensifies our fear of letting go.

“Most people with clutter don’t have a good relationship with time, so coming to terms with your relationship with time will help you work on your clutter.”

Organizing your space has many benefits, such as finding what you need when you need it. By only keeping things you enjoy and need around you, you can avoid clutter fear, and guilt that come with overbuying or holding onto unnecessary items. A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind, making it difficult to focus and get things done. By eliminating the excess, you can relieve yourself of the fear of not having enough and free up valuable mental space.

In this episode, Dr. Regina Lark, a professional organizing and productivity expert, shares her journey into the organization space and how she helps people declutter their lives. She emphasizes the importance of being mindful of what you bring into your home. Learn from Dr. Lark how to declutter not only from a physical perspective but also through a cognitive lens to achieve desired results that will improve your overall well-being!

Key Learnings from the Episode:
[06:30] The tangible and intangible benefits of being organized.
[08:46] Three practical tips that can put you on a more mindful path of being organized.
[11:58] Why do you need to be mindful of what you bring to your front door?
[20:20] A challenge that Dr. Lark has faced and how she worked through it.
[23:33] What does working from your happy place mean to Dr. Lark?
[27:47] Dr. Lark's advice to someone desiring to be an entrepreneur.


About Dr. Regina Lark –
In 2008, Dr. Regina Lark founded A Clear Path: Professional Organizing and Productivity. She is a featured speaker and educator on issues ranging from productivity, hoarding, and women’s leadership. This past October, She published her third book, Emotional Labor: Why A Woman’s Work is Never Done and What To Do About It.

As a Certified Professional Organizer CPO®, Dr. Lark is a specialist in boomer and senior downsizing, residential organizing, and life transitions. With an additional Certification in Chronic Disorganization, she works with clients who are challenged by ADHD and other brain-based conditions.

Dr. Lark is a current Board member of Opica Adult Day Care Center. She earned her Ph.D. in history from the University of Southern California, writing a dissertation on interracial marriages between Japanese women and American GIs after World War 2.

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