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Nurturing Friendships that Change Your Life with Laura Tremaine

Episode Summary –

Assessing the value of your friendships is just as important as building them. Do they bring growth and positivity to your life, or do they drain you and cause more problems than solutions? Today, we'll be discussing different experiences with relationships with our special guest Laura Tremaine.

“Connect with the world and find your tribe through the internet. Share a piece of yourself and explore endless possibilities of building relationships.”

Healthy friendships have the power to elevate us, providing emotional sustenance and support when we need it most. Unfortunately, not all relationships are created equal. Unhealthy friendships can sap our energy and detract from our ability to achieve our goals. It's important to recognize when a friendship is no longer serving you and take steps to move on. Remember, the people we surround ourselves with can have a profound impact on our lives!

In this episode, Laura Tremaine dives deeper into her personal journey. From a career woman to a mom, Laura is also a writer, avid reader, and enthusiastic podcaster. She also shares her friendship philosophies that can have a positive impact on your life. Tune in to discover more tips and insights on this topic.

Key Learnings from the Episode:
[04:27] Laura talks about the difficulties of transitioning to motherhood from a successful career.
[11:37] What are the best ways to meet and make new friends?
[28:22] What does working from your happy place mean to Laura?
[32:31] Laura shares some friendship philosophies that can save your life.



About Laura Tremaine –
Laura Tremaine is a Hollywood housewife. But she’s also a writer, avid reader, and enthusiastic podcaster.

Laura grew up in a small town in southern Oklahoma and moved to Los Angeles sight unseen when she was 22. Years of film and production followed, and in 2007, she married the director she met on her first movie set. For six years, Laura wrote regularly at Hollywood Housewife, a blog that opened doors of friendship and opportunity all over the world.

Eventually, she closed the blog and moved toward podcasting, where she launched “10 Things To Tell You.” She is the author of Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First. (published February 2021), and her second book, The Life Council: 10 Friends Every Woman Needs to be published in April 2023. Laura lives in LA with her husband and two children.

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