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Belinda's Tuesday Tip 90 – The Story You Tell Yourself Is The One You Believe

Episode Summary –

As entrepreneurs, business owners, self-employed individuals, or team leaders, we all face the struggle of the inner story we tell ourselves. Whether positive or negative, we tend to believe and live what we constantly tell ourselves. This makes it extremely important to craft a story that aligns with our goals and aspirations and serves us well. After all, the story we tell ourselves has a powerful impact on who we become.

“Unlock your full potential by changing the story you tell yourself. With a mindset shift, you can tap into new levels of creativity, productivity, and fulfillment.”

Choosing to tell yourself an empowering story can transform your mindset and help you unlock new levels of creativity, productivity, and fulfillment. By creating systems that make it easier to do difficult things and affirming your potential, you shift your internal narrative in a positive direction. While changing this narrative may take courage and discipline, the rewards are well worth the effort. Remember: the story you tell yourself is the one you will believe.

In this week's Tuesday tip, Belinda sheds light on the importance of the story we tell ourselves. She stresses that crafting a positive and empowering narrative is crucial because it is the one we will eventually believe in, shaping our destiny.

Key Learnings from the Episode:
[01:51] The power of the story you tell yourself
[05:01] Creating systems that make it easier to do the difficult things.
[06:41] Belinda’s personal development worksheet and how it will help in conflict resolution within yourself.
[14:15] A quick recap of the exercise that helps you focus on reality and facts vs. fiction.