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The Secret to a Happy Marriage: Empowering Women with Relationship Skills – Laura Doyle

Episode Summary –

Marriage can be both a joy and a challenge. Many couples struggle to navigate the complexities of relationships and find themselves feeling trapped, unhappy, and unfulfilled. But there is hope. In this episode, we will explore insights and tips from The Empowered Wife podcast, hosted by Laura Doyle, to help transform your marriage and create a passion-filled relationship.

“It's important to express your emotions and desires clearly and use them as a north star for your relationships. Better communication skills can lead to a happy, passionate, and playful relationship.”

Key facts:
– Laura shares her own struggle with her marriage, which led her to seek help from several sources.
– She discovered that happiness in marriage is not about changing one's partner but about changing oneself.
– Key skills that she learned and now teaches in her book include expressing desires in an inspiring way, vulnerability, and spouse fulfilling prophecy.
– One of the significant takeaways from the podcast is to empower oneself and focus on what brings joy to your life rather than what your partner is or isn't doing.

Expressing desires in an inspiring way:
One of the skills that Laura learned and teaches is expressing desires in an inspiring way. Instead of complaining and giving specific instructions, she recommends using the formula “I would love (insert desired outcome).” The goal is to focus on the end result rather than giving instructions on how to achieve it. Men have a “hero gene” and want to make their partners happy. When they sense that their partner is happy, they feel fulfilled.

Vulnerability and Spouse Fulfilling Prophecy:
Another essential skill is vulnerability. This involves opening up and expressing oneself authentically to one's partner. This can create intimacy and build trust.
Laura also discusses Spouse Fulfilling Prophecy, a gratitude skill that involves focusing on positive affirmations. Instead of dwelling on negative aspects of a relationship, the skill involves affirming that your partner is good, all with the goal of changing your focus and creating positive outcomes.

Empowering oneself:
Empowering oneself is also essential for creating a fulfilling relationship. In the episode, Laura shares an example of how she learned to focus on herself and her joy rather than on her husband's behavior. She advises women to make a list of 20 things that bring joy and do three of them a day. The goal is to focus on oneself and create a positive energy that will also impact the relationship positively.

Marriage is a journey with many twists and turns. But with the right skills, it is possible to create a passionate and fulfilling relationship. The Empowered Wife podcast offers valuable insights and tips that can transform your marriage. By focusing on oneself, expressing desires in an inspiring way, being vulnerable, and affirming the positive, it is possible to create a relationship that both partners will cherish. So why not give it a try?


About Laura Doyle –
Laura’s mission is to end world divorce. She is the founder of the international relationship coach training school Laura Doyle Connect, the star of Empowered Wives on Amazon Prime, the Creator of The Ridiculously Happy Wife program, the host of The Empowered Wife Podcast. She has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America and The View.

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