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The Musical Journey of Rick DellaRatta: A Jazz Innovator and Visionary

Episode Summary –

In this episode of Work From Your Happy Place, musician and innovator Rick DellaRatta, shares his journey of becoming a successful jazz performer and advancing worldwide peace through jazz. Ricks's story and insights will inspire you to pursue your passions with purpose.

We also talked about how to make a nonprofit organization and what makes a startup or small company more attractive to big companies. Rick emphasized why organizations shouldn't rely on only one huge company as their primary source of success when running a nonprofit organization.


Key Learnings from the Episode:
11:22 – Rick talks about his journey and how he came to do what he is doing today, from a piano player at the Gramercy Park Hotel across the street to a professional musician.
19:49 – How does arts and culture unite people profoundly in positive ways?
26:57 – What are the ways Rick engages with his fan base? He also talks about the “empowerment tree” concept and how this can help your organization.
33:27 – Aside from fundraising, what other important things should nonprofits focus on to create a full experience?
41:42 – How to get bigger names coming on board in your nonprofit organization.
47:04 – Ricks's advice for any new artists starting their journey and forging out into this new path.


About Rick DellaRatta –
Rick DellaRatta is now considered by many to be one of the finest Singer/Pianists performing today and one of only a handful of Jazz Artists who can make a successful musical presentation to a large audience without having to abandon the true art form of Jazz. Through his lifelong endeavor to help advance people to their highest potential through the understanding of Jazz, as well as spreading peace worldwide through his “Jazz for Peace World Tour”, Rick DellaRatta is considered to be an innovator and a visionary.

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