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Success Components: Mindset, Strategies, and Systems with Dre Baldwin

Episode Summary –

In this episode, Dre Baldwin share insights into the foundational elements of success: mindset, strategy, and systems.

“Mindset is the foundation of all success or failure.”

Dre discusses his journey from basketball player to entrepreneur and shares valuable tips and strategies for success.

Mindset, Strategy, Systems -The Three Keys to Success

According to Dre, mindset is the foundation of all success and failure. He encourages listeners to focus on developing a positive and growth-oriented mindset, which involves being aware of one's thoughts and beliefs and actively working to overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

Dre also emphasizes the importance of strategy and systems, but cautions against obsessing over strategy before a strong mindset is in place. Successful businesses, he says, are those that operate by a system, not just by the genius of an individual.

The Third Day: A Crucial Moment

One of the most important takeaways from the episode is the concept of “the third day.” Dre explains that the third day is the moment when the excitement of starting something new has faded and the reality of hard work sets in. This is when a decision is made on whether to continue with the new venture or not, and this decision separates the pros from the amateurs.

A professional, will show up and deliver consistently, even when they don't feel like it, while an amateur will only show up when they feel like it. In order to be successful, one must be willing to push through the hard moments and maintain consistency and discipline.

Structure Creates Discipline and Consistency

Another key takeaway from the episode is the importance of structure for creating discipline and consistency. Dre shares his process for staying organized and productive, including writing down ten ideas a day and having a process for every task.

He also stresses the importance of setting goals and working on becoming the kind of person who can achieve those goals. Dre advises against skipping the “being” step and jumping straight into the “doing” step.


In conclusion, the “Work From Your Happy Place” episode on mindset, strategy, and systems offers valuable insights and tips for entrepreneurs and anyone looking to improve their mindset and achieve their goals. Dre Baldwin's emphasis on the importance of mindset and consistency, coupled with Ellsworth's practical tips for creating structure and building a community, makes this episode a must-listen for anyone looking to grow and succeed in their personal or professional life.

About the Dre Baldwin –
Dre Baldwin is a former athlete who grew up in Philadelphia and now resides in Miami. He played a variety of sports throughout his youth, but did not discover basketball until he was fourteen. Despite facing numerous setbacks, including being cut from his high school team for three consecutive years and not being recruited in college, Dre found a way to continue playing. He walked on to the basketball team at Penn State Abington and later transferred to their Altoona campus where he played through graduation. Despite not receiving any offers to play professionally, Dre attended an Exposure Camp in 2005 and caught the attention of several agents. One signed him and helped him secure his first contract playing basketball in Countess Lithuania. Dre's career continued from there, and he went on to achieve great success as both a professional athlete and entrepreneur.

Dre Baldwin is the CEO and Founder of Work On Your Game Inc. He has given 4 TEDx Talks and has authored 33 books.
Dre had a 9-year professional basketball career, playing in 8 countries. Dre’s framework is the “roadmap in reverse” for professional mindset, strategy, systems, and accountability.

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