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From Pianist to Entrepreneur: The Power of Transferable Skills with Angela Jia Kim

Episode Summary –

In this episode, Angela Jia Kim the founder of Savor Beauty shares her entrepreneurial journey and provides valuable insights into building a successful business.

“It's not about having a perfect product, it's about having a connection with the customer.”

Here’s a summary of the key takeaways and highlights from the episode.

Patience is Key
One of the recurring themes that emerged throughout the episode was the importance of patience. Angela stressed the need to put oneself in the mindset of a new business, even if you've been around for a while. Celebrating successes and acknowledging that your business is still new is just as important as celebrating milestones.

The “Lover System”
Angela introduced the “Lover System” acronym, which stands for Leadership, Objections, Value, Experience, and Release. She emphasized the importance of being knowledgeable about your products and addressing objections before they arise. Angela also highlighted the significance of emphasizing the specific benefits and ingredients of your products and creating an experiential connection with customers. Finally, she stressed the importance of releasing control and not having any expectations when it comes to customer purchasing decisions.

Angela Jia Kim's Story
Angela built a multimillion-dollar skincare brand inspired by Korean beauty rituals, Savor Beauty, where social proof and gaining confidence through affirmation of ideas are important. Angela started playing the piano at the age of three and practiced three hours a day as a child. She won her first piano competition at the age of five and went on to major in piano performance in college. The skills she developed as a pianist, such as stage presence, perseverance, and excellence, became transferable skills for her next career as an entrepreneur with Savor Beauty.

Small Business Advice
Angela encourages small business owners and those starting out to have social proof and gain confidence through affirmation of their ideas. She suggests opening a pop-up shop as a trial run to observe customer behavior and cultivate marketing messages. She also shares her own experiences of both failures and successes and emphasizes the importance of learning from these experimental moments to create a successful business.

Work From a Happy Place
In conclusion, Belinda and Angelia emphasized the importance of finding balance and working from a happy place. Angela initially burned out with anxiety and panic attacks due to being a workaholic. She now prioritizes self-love rituals, travels with her partner, and enjoys the pleasures of life with her daughter and dog. Working from a place of pleasure is working from a happy place.

Angela Jia Kim’s story is one of determination and inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere. Her experience shows the hard work, dedication, and perseverance required to build a successful business. Whether you're starting anew or have been in business for a while, there's a lot to learn from her journey and the insights provided in this episode of Work From Your Happy Place.



About the Angela Jia Kim –

Angela Jia Kim is a classical pianist turned founder and CEO of Savor Beauty, an organic skincare brand. Angela became interested in creating natural skincare products after suffering a bad reaction to a supposedly natural lotion before a concert. Her research led her to discover the prevalence of chemicals in cosmetic products and inspired her to create her own products using natural ingredients. Despite having no background in the industry, Angela spent years experimenting in her kitchen, eventually creating products that met her high standards and appealed to her Korean heritage's obsession with skincare. Today, Savor Beauty is a successful business, and Angela has become a recognized figure in the organic skincare community.

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